Charles Bronson

Birth Name: Charles Bronson
Born: 11/03/1921
Birth Place: Ehrenfield, Pennsylvania, USA
Death Place: Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: 08/30/2003

Stories about Charles Bronson's early years varied from source to source, though all were in agreement that he was born Nov. 3, 1921 in the Scooptown section of Ehrenfield, a coal-mining town in Pennsylvania. The eleventh of 15 children born to his Lithuanian parents, he was reportedly born Charles Dennis Buchinsky, though other sources cited his name as Karolis Bucinskis, Casimir Businskis and Charles Buchinski. His childhood was marked by dire poverty; according to one story, Bronson was forced to wear his sister's dress to school because the family could not clothe all the children. His father died when Bronson was 10, forcing him to work in the mines to support his family. Despite this h...

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