John Cazale

Birth Name: John Cazale
Born: 08/12/1935
Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Death Place: New York City, New York, USA
Died: 03/12/1978

Born on Aug. 12, 1935 in Boston, MA, Cazale was raised the middle child of three by his father, a wholesale coal salesman, and his homemaker mother. His father traveled for work across New England and was rarely home, leaving Cazale and his two siblings, Stephen and Catharine, to spend most of their time with their mother, Cecilia. After studying acting at Oberlin College and earning his bachelor's degree in performing arts from Boston University, Cazale moved to New York City to become an actor. To make ends meet, he worked sporadically as a taxi driver, a photographer and a messenger for Standard Oil, where he met another struggling actor named Al Pacino. They fell out of touch for a few y...

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