Claude Chabrol

Birth Name: Claude Chabrol
Born: 06/24/1930
Birth Place: Paris, FR
Death Place: Paris, FR
Died: 09/12/2010

Born Claude Henri Jean Chabrol on June 24, 1930 in Sardent, a French village south of Paris, he was the son of Yves Chabrol and his wife, Madeleine Delabre. Chabrol was expected to become a pharmacist like his father and grandfather, but became obsessed with film as a boy, as well as "lowbrow" literature like thrillers and detective fiction. As a teenager, he also ran a film club in a local barn, much to the dismay of his parents, who encouraged him to stay in pharmacology at the Sorbonne. However, upon marrying heiress Agnès Goute in 1952, Chabrol largely abandoned his studies in favor of attending the many film clubs that had taken root in Paris. It was at such clubs that he met such fell...

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