Joseph Cotten

Birth Name: Joseph Cotten
Born: 05/15/1905
Birth Place: Petersburg, Virginia, USA
Death Place: Westwood, California, USA
Died: 02/06/1994

Older than the conventional new find at age 36, Cotten combined a mature and sometimes cynical pragmatism with an inner idealism either challenged by emotional pressures and social circumstances, or else shown to give way to scheming menace or dangerous rage. Delicate work came in his wonderful performance as a rejected inventor in Welles' brilliant follow-up to "Kane", the study of family decay "The Magnificent Ambersons" (1942); and his chillingly ambiguous portrait of a kindly uncle who may be a murderer in Alfred Hitchcock's subtly unnerving "Shadow of a Doubt" (1943). A sensitive lead well-suited to romance, Cotten played a shell-shocked soldier on leave tentatively courting prisoner-on...

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