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Birth Name: Alfred Hitchcock
Born: 08/13/1899
Birth Place: Leytonstone, England, GB
Death Place: Beverly Hills, California, USA
Died: 04/29/1980

Born on Aug. 13, 1899 in Leytonstone, England, Hitchcock was raised one of three children by his father, William, a poultry dealer and fruit importer, and his mother, Emma. Hitchcock had a rather lonely childhood due in part to his obesity, which left him sheltered and isolated. His parents had unusual methods of discipline; his father sent him to the local jail with instructions for the police to lock him in a cell for 10 minutes for misbehaving, and his mother often forced him to stand at the foot of her bad for hours after explaining to her his indiscretions. Both experiences found their way thematically into Hitchcock's later work, particularly the idea of a wrongfully accused man being ...

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