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Birth Name: Burgess Meredith
Born: 11/16/1907
Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Death Place: Malibu, California, USA
Died: 09/09/1997

Oliver Burgess "Buzz" Meredith was born in Cleveland, OH on Nov. 16, 1907 and began performing during grammar school, though he would later describe himself as having been an introverted child. After deciding that Amherst College was not for him, Meredith dropped out and held a series of jobs, including newspaper reporter, Wall Street floor runner, necktie salesman and member of a tramp steamer crew. Thrown in the brig after trying to desert from the latter post, Meredith assuaged his boredom by reciting lines from anything that came to mind, and the experience reportedly helped him decide to become an actor. He moved to New York City and made his Broadway debut in a 1930 staging of "Romeo a...

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