Sam Peckinpah

Birth Name: Sam Peckinpah
Born: 02/21/1925
Birth Place: Fresno, California, USA
Death Place: Inglewood, California, USA
Died: 12/28/1984

Born on Feb. 28, 1984 in Inglewood, CA, Peckinpah was raised by his father, David, a former ranch cowboy who became a lawyer and founded the Fresno Humane Society before becoming a Superior Court Judge, and his mother, Fern. He spent a great deal of his youth on a ranch owned by his maternal grandfather, Denver Church, the former district attorney for Fresno who served in the House of Representatives before also becoming a Superior Court Judge. On the ranch, Peckinpah learned how to be a cowboy, shooting rifles and roping cattle instead of regularly going to school like other kids his age. He attended Fresno High School for three years, where he was a member of the junior varsity football te...

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