Hedy Lamarr

Birth Name: Hedy Lamarr
Born: 11/09/1913
Birth Place: Austria
Death Place: Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
Died: 01/18/2000

Born on Nov. 9, 1913 in Vienna, Austria, Lamarr was raised by her father, Emil, a prominent bank manager, and her mother, Gertrude, a pianist. She began taking piano lessons when she was 10 years old, and was discovered as a teenager by director Max Reinhardt, who employed her as a script secretary and bit player. Lamarr made her first feature appearance in the Austrian-made "Geld auf der Strasse" (1930), but created an international sensation with her performance in Gustav Machaty's erotic drama, "Ecstasy" (1933). The young actress broke several taboos of the time, appearing nude in a 10-minute swimming sequence while her face was shown in extreme close-up while in the midst of an orgasm - ...

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