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Martine McCutcheon Born: 05/14/1976
Birth Place: London, England, GB

McCutcheon was a born entertainer. As a child, she had a penchant for copying song lyrics from Barbara Streisand or Crystal Gayle and belting them out for her mum to hear. In 1995, McCutcheon's career took off-in Britain, at least-with her role on the famous soap, "EastEnders" (BBC, 1985- ). McCutcheon played Tiffany Raymond, a bitchy barmaid at the character's favorite hangout. The actress won numerous awards for her performances, but after a only a few years, McCutcheon wanted out. The producers had her character killed off-the victim of vehicular homicide by the hand of former love. When McCutcheon announced her departure from the show, the BBC was flooded with phone calls...

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