Leni Reifenstahl

Birth Name: Leni Reifenstahl
Born: 08/22/1902
Birth Place: Berlin, DE
Death Place: Germany
Died: 09/08/2003

Born on Aug. 22, 1902 in Berlin, Germany, Riefenstahl was raised in a prominent home by her father, Alfred, the owner of a heating and ventilation company, and her mother, Berta, who encouraged her daughter's artistic ambitions. When she was 16 years old, she attended the Mary Wigmann School for Dance, where she learned Russian ballet, and continued her studies at the Jutta Klamt School for Dance. Riefenstahl quickly developed a reputation for being a good interpretive dancer and attracted the attention of director Max Reinhardt, who sent her on a tour of Europe in a program of modern dances of her own creation. But a knee injury in 1924 while performing in Prague ended her dancing career. R...

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