A Dog of Flanders


Nello is an angelic child with an artistic gift who grows up in poverty with his kindly grandfather. Nello has a soulmate and future sweetheart in Aloise, a more comfortably situated little blonde whose father fears that she will grow up to marry the impoverished Nello. As the boy's talent begins to blossom, he becomes the mentor of the painter Michael La Grande who promises to lead the boy towards artistic success. But when, one day young Nello is accused of starting a fire, he becomes the town paraiah -- until a dog named Patrasche saves the day and his reputation.


Jon Voight - (Michel La Grande)
Jack Warden - (Jehan Dass)
Jeremy Kissner - (Nello)
Jesse James - (Young Nello)
Cheryl Ladd - (Anna Cogez)

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