A Kid in King Arthur's Court

Fourteen-year-old Calvin Fuller is an otherwise bright, typical Southern California kid. But when it comes to confidence and bravery, he's batting zero. Until something intense and unexpected happens. As an earthquake rumbles through the ballpark during a Little League game, Calvin begins the most extraordinary journey of the millennium when a crack opens in the earth and he falls back into time--to the mythical kingdom of Camelot, and the court of legendary King Arthur. Inadvertently conjured to the 12th century by the great sorcerer Merlin, Calvin finds he's been summoned to help restore "the once and future king" Arthur's fading glory, and to prevent the realm from falling into the clutch... Full Summary >>


Thomas Nicholas - (Calvin Fuller)
Joss Ackland - (King Arthur)
Art Malik - (Belasco)
Paloma Baeza - (Katey)
Kate Winslet - (Princess Sarah)

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