Albino Alligator


Release Date: January 17, 1997
Running Time: 97 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $326,308.00
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller


On the run from a robbery gone awry, three small town criminals--Dova, Milo and Law--speed through a federal stakeout and crash their getaway car. They take refuge in the first place they find--Dino's Last Chance Bar, a perfectly maintained watering hole from the Prohibition era with an important distinction--there's only one way out. Before they can figure out their next move, the trio find themselves surrounded by the police, the media and a determined ATF agent, and are forced by circumstnace to remain in the bar alone with five patrons--Janet, Dino, Danny, Jack and Guy. This cat-and-mouse story follows these characters as they discover the choices they must make, and find that those choi...

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Matt Dillon

Faye Dunaway

Gary Sinise

Viggo Mortensen

Joe Mantegna

M. Emmet Walsh

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