Alex and Emma

Alex Sheldon is an author whose writer's block is the least of his problems--he also happens to be flat broke and owes Cuban loan sharks $100,000. The thugs give Alex an ultimatum: pay up in 30 days or wind up dead. The only way Alex is going to get that kind of money is by finishing his novel, which is currently less than one sentence long. He's got some idea of what he wants the story to be, but he just can't seem to get it out onto paper. Now lacking both inspiration and a laptop, Alex secures the services of opinionated stenographer, Emma Dinsmore, to help him complete the novel and get paid by his publisher in time to save his skin. The story of Adam Shipley soon begins to emerge. The f... Full Summary >>


Kate Hudson - (Emma Dinsmore/Ylva/Elsa/Anna/Eldora)
Luke Wilson - (Alex Sheldon/Adam Shipley)
Sophie Marceau - (Paulina Delacroix)
David Paymer - (John Shaw)
Rob Reiner - (Wirschafter)

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