All Dogs Go to Heaven 2


Release Date: March 29, 1996
Running Time: 84 mins.
MPAA Rating: G
Box Office: $8,583,577.00
Genre: Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Family, Musical, Sequel


The story finds our canine hero Charlie in dog Heaven -- literally -- where he should be enjoying his afterlife. Unfortunately, he has decided that, though his reward may be in Heaven, it's a lot more fun scamming for it back on earth. Charlie gets his chance at a return trip to earth when Gabriel's Horn is stolen and falls from Heaven, and he is assigned to retrieve it. Reunited with his old pal Itchy, Charlie is also joined in his quest by a beautiful Irish setter named Sasha and a young runaway boy named David. The reluctant canine angel Charlie proves to be more worthy of his wings than even he imagined as he battles the foul feline Red and the traitorous bulldog Carface to regain the pr...

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Charlie Sheen

Sheena Easton

Ernest Borgnine

Dom DeLuise

Bebe Neuwirth

Adam Wylie

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