American Splendor


Release Date: August 15, 2003
Running Time: 105 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $6,003,587.00
Genre: Adaptation, Biopic, Drama


Harvey Pekar is file clerk at the local VA hospital. His interactions with his co-workers offer some relief from the monotony, and their discussions encompass everything from music to the decline of American culture to new flavors of jellybeans and life itself. At home, Harvey fills his days with reading, writing and listening to jazz. His apartment is filled with thousands of books and LPs, and he regularly scours Cleveland's thrift stores and garage sales for more, savoring the rare joy of a 25-cent find. It is at one of these junk sales that Harvey meets Robert Crumb, a greeting card artist and music enthusiast. When, years later, Crumb finds international success for his underground comi...

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Paul Giamatti

Hope Davis

Judah Friedlander

Harvey Pekar

Earl Billings

Robert Pulcini

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