Release Date: August 20, 1982
Running Time: 118 mins.(original)
MPAA Rating: PG
Genre: Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Fantasy


The son of a king, Dar is ripped from his mother's womb by the cruel sorcerer Maax. Maax's plan to sacrifice the infant is thwarted by a villager who intervenes and saves Dar, raising him as his own son and teaching him to fight while observing the boy's remarkable ability to communicate with animals. When Maax's warriors attack the village, killing Dar's father figure, Dar swears vengeance. He is helped in his mission by one of his biological father's royal guards, and, through use of his telepathic power, an eagle, a panther and two ferrets. Along the way, he falls in love with the slave girl, Kiri.


Marc Singer

Tanya Roberts

Rip Torn

John Amos

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