Before the Fall


Release Date: October 07, 2005
Running Time: 111 mins.
MPAA Rating: None
Box Office: $144,065.00
Genre: Drama, Foreign, Period


Berlin 1942. Friedrich, is a sixteen-year old amateur boxer from a working class family who dreams of doing something with his life. His big chance comes when he's discovered at a boxing match by a young man who teaches at an elite Nazi National Political School (a.k.a. Napola). The young man helps Friedrich to enter the institution, and there becomes Friedrich's mentor, guiding him through the rigors of the strictly run school. Among Friedrich's new friends is Albrecht, the son of a high-ranking official. A fragile young man who prefers to train his mind rather than his body, Albrecht is critical of the Nazi ideology being crammed into the students' minds. Friedrich starts to see that there...

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