Blast From The Past


Release Date: February 12, 1999
Running Time: 111 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Box Office: $26,543,231.00
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy


In the early 1960s, America was in the grip of Cold War paranoia. Calvin Webber was more paranoid than most and built his family a huge bomb shelter. Mistaking a plane crash for a nuclear attack, he moved his family to the shelter, where son Adam was born and spent the first 30 years of his life. When Adam finally emerges, he knows nothing of the contemporary world. He is a man out of time. Then he meets Eve: young, feisty and cynical, she is definitely a woman of her time. But the more Eve watches Adam's innocence and incomprehension of the strange world around him, the more she begins to find herself falling in love.


Brendan Fraser

Alicia Silverstone

Christopher Walken

Sissy Spacek

Dave Foley

Joey Slotnick

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