Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

Annie Tarrant, a New Orleans schoolteacher, is haunted by her past when years ago her father was found slashed to pieces in a seemingly unprovoked murder. At that time, the rumors began in the inner city that he was slain by The Candyman. Now, her brother, Ethan, stands accused of a similarly styled murder. Equally as disturbing, The Candyman has begun to appear in the drawings of one of Annie's students, Matthew, a troubled, inner-city student. One day at school, in an effort to dispel her students' fears, Annie faces a mirror and chants "Candyman" five times. Nervously, all the kids but Matthew laugh. He watches as a single bee throws itself continually into their window. At home with her ... Full Summary >>


Tony Todd - (Candyman/Daniel Robitaille)
Kelly Rowan - (Annie Tarrant)
Timothy Carhart - (Paul McKeever)
Veronica Cartwright - (Octavia Tarrant)
William O'Leary - (Ethan)

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