Chasing Papi

Three women think they have found the perfect man. For New York heiress Patricia, he's a wild adventurer who offers her freedom from her mother's cloying ambitions. For Lorena in Chicago, he's every bit as idealistic as she is, a lover of poetry and a man who recognizes the spark of passion beneath the buttoned-down lawyer's lapels. And for Miami's fiery Cici, he's the only man whose flames burn as bright as her own. Driven by passion--and the exhortations of famed astrologer Walter Mercado, whose televised horoscope readings seem tailor-made for each woman--Cici, Lorena and Patricia separately fly to Los Angeles to surprise 'Papi Chulo,' two by plane, and one, Cici, in a car she is suppose... Full Summary >>


Roselyn Sanchez - (Lorena)
Sofia Vergara - (Cici)
Jaci Velasquez - (Patricia)
Eduardo Verastegui - (Papi)
Lisa Vidal - (Carmen)

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