Courage Under Fire


Release Date: July 12, 1996
Running Time: 115 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $59,024,060.00
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller


While serving in the Persian Gulf at Al Bathra, Lt. Colonel Nathanial Serling gives the order to fire at what he believes is an enemy T-54 tank and is horrified to learn that he's destroyed one of his own tanks, killing several of Serling's own men. As the military conducts a hushed investigation into this incident of "friendly fire" Serling is reassigned to a job in Awards and Decorations at the Pentagon and ordered to review Capt. Karen Walden's candidacy for a Medal of Honor, to be awarded to the Medevac pilot for her "courage under fire." The honor, unhappily, is to be posthumous. Expected to expedite the inquiry and rubber-stamp the approval for the Medal, Serling in...

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Denzel Washington

Meg Ryan

Lou Diamond Phillips

Michael Moriarty

Matt Damon

Bronson Pinchot

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