Double Whammy


Release Date: December 31, 2002
Running Time: 101 mins.
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Satire


Ray Pluto and Jerry Cubbins are New York City homicide detectives well endowed with comic possibilities. Recent events have led to Pluto being pegged as something of a wiseass. In truth, he hasn't been himself since the tragic death of his wife and child and finds solace by smoking a little hash and watching "Fitness Cheer," a bubbly exercise show with scantily clad cheerleaders. While Pluto is getting lunch one day, a vicious gunman bursts in and Pluto is presented with the perfect opportunity to regain some self-respect. But instead, Pluto's back goes into a spasm and he drops his gun, allowing six-year-old "little Ricky Kapinski" to save the day and become the media's ...

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Denis Leary

Elizabeth Hurley

Steve Buscemi

Chris Noth

Donald Faison

Keith Nobbs

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