Down Periscope


Release Date: March 01, 1996
Running Time: 92 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Box Office: $23,333,770.00
Genre: Action, Comedy


Nuclear submarine captain wannabe Tom Dodge's dream command turns out to be an underseas nightmare when he's handed the reigns of the U.S.S. Stingray, a decrepit rustbucket of a diesel sub. The just-out-of-mothballs, World War II-vintage tub is only the beginning of Tom's problems as he embarks on a secret mission with a motley crew of misfits who make Gilligan look like Captain Blood. The free-thinking Lt. Commander's crew of Navy castoffs includes Lt. Emily Lake, who hopes to become the Navy's first female sub officer; Executive Officer Martin Pascal, an officious martinet who opposes Dodge's easygoing style; and Howard, a veteran diesel sub engineer who comes out of retirement to keep the...

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Kelsey Grammer

Lauren Holly

Rob Schneider

Harry Dean Stanton

Bruce Dern

William H. Macy

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