Dream for an Insomniac


Release Date: June 19, 1998
Running Time: 88 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $14,718.00
Genre: Drama, Romance


A comic love story about Frankie, an aspiring young actress who lives in a black-and-white world, bouncing between bright romantic idealism and gloomy, defeatist slumps. A caffeine-fueled insomniac, Frankie is on a long-term losing streak: one shot auditions and disappointing dates. But when David Shrader applies for a job at Cafe Blue Eyes--the Sinatra-obsessed coffee house where Frankie works--her world is suddenly filled with longing and, quite literally with color. David seems like her perfect match: intellectual, charismatic, and cute. Even Frankie's hard-to-please traditional Italian Uncle Leo approves. However, life is never that simple--David has a girlfriend and Frankie is moving to...

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Ione Skye

Jennifer Aniston

Mackenzie Astin

Michael Landes

Seymour Cassel

Christopher Lloyd

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