Once a young star in the art world, Lars Olafssen is moving quickly toward being a has-been. His art dealer Ronny desperately wants his source of income back, but Lars refuses to paint because his creativity is inspired by carnage - blood, guts and gore - which lead him to a breakdown in the past. So Ronny arranges a teaching job for Lars at an art school in a small, remote Canadian town - a retreat when he can get back to painting. That's where he develops a friendship with the town's oddball, Eddie. As their relationship evolves, Lars uncovers a dark and violent secret about Eddie which inspires him to paint, but fills him with guilt.


Thure Lindhardt - (Lars)
Dylan Smith - (Eddie)
Georgina Reilly - (Lesley)
Alain Goulem - (Harry)
Paul Braunstein - (Verner)

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