Endless Bummer


It's 1984 and JD is fresh out of high school. The summer sun is hot, there's the best music, beach babes everywhere, and a big south-swell throwing waves at his favorite surf spot: JD has the world by the tail--until a routine wipe-out sends him to shore to retrieve his new board. But it's gone! JD's universe has come to a grinding halt! But the culprit is revealed: an interloper corrupting babes in their very midst. JD and his crew embark on the 45 mile trek to the dreaded smog-shrouded "VALLEY" to retrieve the board. A routine trip for most, this is one journey JD and his friends thought they would never have to take.


Matthew Lillard
Khan Chittenden - (JD)
Andy Fischer-Price - (Brian Kramer)
Colton James - (Sparky)
Joan Jett - (Dwill)

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