Essex Boys

Release Date: June 12, 2001
Running Time: 102 mins.
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller


A young taxi driver from Essex, Billy Reynolds, is hired by John Dyke to drive for a local villain just out of prison. His passenger, Jason Locke, is bitter that his friends and colleagues have gotten rich, while he 'did time.' This flame of indignation is fanned by his beautiful and ambitious wife, Lisa. John Dyke also owes Jason a favor and reluctantly agrees to organize a shipment of drugs for him to sell. Billy's driving skills, coupled with his ability to keep his mouth shut, land him a regular job with Locke's "firm," earning him more in one night than he would normally make in a week. But Billy's girlfriend Nicole worries about his new employers, and warns him about being un...

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Sean Bean

Alex Kingston

Tom Wilkinson

Holly Davidson

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