Release Date: December 25, 1996
Running Time: 135 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG
Box Office: $50,038,461.00
Genre: Adaptation, Biopic, Drama, Historical, Music, Musical


As told by the story-teller Che, Eva Peron was born Eva Duarte, the illegitimate daughter of a penniless farmer. Still a teenager, Eva attaches herself to a popular tango singer, Agustin Magaldi and accompanies him to the Big City: Buenos Aires. Ambitious to succeed, Eva becomes an aspiring radio and film actress, eventually moving into influential circles within Buenos Aires society. Once her name is linked with the rising politician Juan Peron, tongues begin to wag, but the couple marry and Peron is elected President with the inspirational Eva at his side. Eva establishes herself as an ardent supporter of Peronism and promotes her unique blend of democracy with her "Rainbow Tour"...

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Antonio Banderas

Jonathan Pryce

Olga Merediz

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