Family Secrets


Running Time: 101 mins.
Genre: Adaptation, Drama, Foreign, Period


A small town in Sweden in the autumn of 1978. An average middle-class family, the Bendricks - Bosse, his wife Mona and children Ola, Katta and 12-year-old Morgan - all live in a house that Bosse himself built. Ostensibly, it looks as though all's well in their lives. If one were to take a closer look, however, one would realise that their perfect facade is on the brink of collapsing - just like Bosse's badly-built house. For each and every member of the family leads a clandestine life outside their own four walls which is kept secret from all the others - so as not to jeopardise their 'blissful' family life. It wouldn't take much at all to make the family fall apart altogether. Yet it is Mor...

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