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Michael B. Jordan brushes off Fantastic Four casting criticism

Ioan Gruffudd gets ego boost with new TV job

Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller And Jamie Bell Announced As Cast Of 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans expecting second child

Stan Lee To Receive VES' Lifetime Achievement Award

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Investor, astronaut and scientist Dr. Reed Richards' lifelong dream is close to being realized. He is spearheading a trip to outer space, to the center of a cosmic storm. There he hopes to unlock the secrets of the human genetic codes for the benefit of all humanity. Extensive government grant cutbacks nearly dashed the visionary's hopes of the his... Full Summary >>


Ioan Gruffudd - (Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic)
Jessica Alba - (Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman)
Chris Evans - (Johnny Storm/The Human Torch)
Michael Chiklis - (Ben Grimm/The Thing)
Julian McMahon - (Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom)

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