Farewell To Harry

Nick Sennett is a young man who has returned home to a small island community outside a major city, where he runs an old movie house and occasionally pursues his ambitions as a writer. Having heard stories about an eccentric, irascible local legend, one-time hat maker Harry Hoffstetter, Nick is startled to literally run into Harry one day on a drive through the countryside. The two men forge a bond of sorts when Harry takes Nick to his home in a now-rundown old hat factory. As Harry tells Nick about the factory's glory days, Nick finds himself drawn to this evocation of a simpler and better time spun by the charismatic older man. Nick sets about learning all that he can about the old factory... Full Summary >>


Brent Fraser - (Mickey)
John Gilbert - (Belov)
John Procaccino - (Jack Wilson)
Carl Ballantine - (Hickey)
Joe Flanigan - (Nick)

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