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In a world where people are implanted with a chip that records their lives, one man has final cut on the recorded history of his clients. Alan Hackman is the best "cutter" in the business, his ability to grant the corrupt absolution of the sins of his clients, has put him in high demand. However, his talent for viewing life without emotion has shaped him into a cold distant man and has made him unable to experience life in the first person. He believes he is a "sin eater" and his work provides him with the ability to absolve the dead of their sins. While cutting a Rememory for a high-powered colleague, Alan discovers an image from his childhood that has haunted him his entire life. This disc... Full Summary >>


Robin Williams - (Alan Hakman)
Jim Caviezel - (Fletcher)
Mira Sorvino - (Delila)
Stephanie Romanov - (Jennifer Bannister)
Mimi Kuzyk - (Thelma)

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