Finding Joy


Release Date: June 07, 2013
Running Time: 90 mins.
MPAA Rating: None
Genre: Comedy, Romance


Pompous and self-absorbed, Kyle Livingston longs to relieve the success of his first novel. As his life unravels, he returns home to his wildly eccentric family with his tail between his legs, initially finding aggravation, but things get better when he meets the spunky, vivacious girl across the street, Joy. Joy is an offbeat bohemian who recruits him to help her make the world a better place, making him feel alive for the first time in ages and inspiring him to write. Sadly, Joy tells Kyle that she's going to die soon and asks him to write her obituary, so he begins spending time with her in order to do so. As Kyle finds himself falling in love with Joy, he also begins to doubt that she is...

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Josh Cooke

Liane Balaban

Barry Bostwick

Lainie Kazan

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