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Marriage has turned into a crash dive for Brenda Morelli Cushman, Elise Elliot Atchison and Annie MacDuggan Paradise. These three well-heeled Manhattanites were chums during their college days, but they all took different paths. Brenda married an electronics-emporium magnate, Elise became a film star, Annie an Upper East Side housewife. They all helped their husbands build up hugely successful businesses. Now they're reunited by catastrophe: Each has just been callously dumped by her husband in exchange for a younger, sexier "trophy wife." There are sharks swimming around Manhattan, and most of them are pumped with silicone and squeezed into Spandex. Smarting from the pain, Brenda, Elise and... Full Summary >>


Goldie Hawn - (Elise Elliot Atchison)
Bette Midler - (Brenda Morelli Cushman)
Diane Keaton - (Annie MacDuggan Paradise)
Maggie Smith - (Gunilla Garson Goldberg)
Sarah Parker - (Shelly)

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