Five Minutes of Heaven


Release Date: August 21, 2009
Running Time: 90 mins.
MPAA Rating: None
Box Office: $13,217.00
Genre: Drama, Foreign, Period, Thriller


In 1975 in a small Northern Ireland town, 17-year-old Protestant Alistair Little, assassinated 19-year-old Catholic Jim Griffin. Jim's murder was witnessed horrifically by his 11-year-old brother, Joe Griffin, and the impact of the death destroyed Joe and his family, who could never come to terms with the loss. Little was arrested, convicted and served 12 years in prison. The film moves from a re-enactment of these tragic, real events to a fictional interpretation of what might happen should these two surviving men ever come face to face over 30 years later.


Liam Neeson

James Nesbitt

Richard Dormer

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