Fly Away


Single mother, Jeanne, grapples with the challenge of raising her autistic teenage daughter, Mandy. As Mandy becomes more and more unmanageable at home and at school, Jeanne finds herself holding on by a thread. However, Jeanne meets her neighbor Tom and sparks fly. Despite all the stress in her life, their flirtation progresses, until Jeanne panics and she rejects him. She realizes that she has to confront the most difficult decision a parent can make: to let her daughter go, allowing her to grow or to hold on tight and fall together. Later, while dog walking, Mandy runs away. Tom finds her and brings her back home. Finally, Jeanne accepts what she needs to do.


Beth Broderick - (Jeanne Cafferty)
Ashley Rickards - (Mandy)
Greg Germann - (Tom)
J Bourne - (Peter)
Reno - (Liz Howell)

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