Four episodes depiciting life in Moscow and in the country. The opening of the film sets the whole atmosphere, introducing three characters who happen to meet in an anonymous bar. In the long bar scene, we learn from their conversations both the intriguing and banal details of their lives. But are they all telling the truth? It's only later on, when the three separate, that more hints about these strangers are revealed, mainly about the possibly cloned young woman. A film that plays with subjects like cloning, social and political changes in Russia, its countryside and its present-day citizens surviving all in their own way. Can these worlds really coexist in contemporary Russia?


Marina Vovchenko - (Marina, prostitute)
Segey Shnurov - (Volodya, piano tuner)
Yuri Laguta - (Oleg, meat seller)
Konstantin Murzenko - (Boyfriend of dead sister)
Villagers of Shutilovo - (Themselves)

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