Release Date: December 08, 1995
Running Time: 113 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $215,009.00
Genre: Drama, Music, Musical


Georgia is a self-assured, successful folk rock singer who never cared much about a career on the stage, but achieved one anyway. With her extraordinary voice, she is beloved by her fans, but finds her greatest happiness beyond the stage. Georgia's younger sister, Sadie, is a virtually invincible force of confidence, pouring her heart and soul into performances in small-time clubs. A true believer in her own unique ability, Sadie is on a seemingly unstoppable mission to succeed--only immaturity and an emotional tie to her sister stand in her way. Sadie adores Georgia, but her intense need for validation can't help but drive a wedge through their relationship. Whatever it is that's holding Sa...

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Jennifer Jason Leigh

Mare Winningham

Ted Levine

Max Perlich

John Doe

John C Reilly

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