Get on the Bus


Release Date: October 16, 1996
Running Time: 120 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $5,731,103.00
Genre: Drama, Historical, Urban


"Get On the Bus" tells the story of a group of men who board a bus headed for the historic Million Man March as strangers but emerge three days and thousands of miles later as brothers: an estranged father struggling to connect with his teenage son; an aspiring actor who is filled with hate; a cop desperate to end the slaughter he sees on the streets of his city; a devout Muslim whose nightmares echo with the blast of gunfire; an old man who has made an honest living but never truly lived; a film student who wants to capture it all on tape; and the driver whose job it is to get them from one side of the nation to the other.


Richard Belzer

André Braugher

Gabriel Casseus

Albert Hall

Hill Harper

Harry J Lennix

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