Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords


Release Date: March 21, 1986
Running Time: 75 mins.
MPAA Rating: G
Box Office: $531,905.00
Genre: Animated, Sci-Fi


This animated adventure follows the shape-shifting GoBots as they are recruited by Solitaire, a robot that can transform into a rock, to help out with a power struggle among her kind. Leaving their home planet, Gobotron, the heroic GoBots travel to Solitaire's world to fight Magmar, the ruthless Rock Lord, and his minions. The GoBots must also battle the scheming Renegades, who decide to ally themselves with Magmar, making the GoBots' quest to vanquish evil that much more difficult.


Margot Kidder

Roddy McDowall

Michael Nouri

Telly Savalas

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