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A compilation of two horror tales, "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof." In "Planet Terror," married doctors William and Dakota Block find their graveyard shift inundated with townspeople ravaged by gangrenous sores and a suspiciously vacant look in their eyes. Among the wounded is Cherry, a go-go dancer whose leg was ripped from her body during a roadside attack. Wray, her former significant other, is at her side and watching her back. Cherry may be down, but she hasn't danced her last number. As the invalids quickly become enraged aggressors, Cherry and Wray lead a team of accidental warriors into the night, hurtling towards a destiny that will leave millions infected, countless dead, and a ... Full Summary >>


Kurt Russell - (Stuntman Mike)
Freddy Rodriguez - (Wray)
Rose McGowan - (Cherry/Pam)
Josh Brolin - (Dr. Block)
Marley Shelton - (Dr. Dakota Block)

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