Grumpier Old Men


Release Date: December 22, 1995
Running Time: 100 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Box Office: $70,473,757.00
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Sequel


Summertime has come to Wabasha, Minnesota, and mosquito-slapping in canoes has replaced shivering in ice shanties as the local fishing ritual. Even the decades-old battle of one-upmanship between next-door neighbors John Gustafson and Max Goldman has mellowed. With John happily and newly married to Ariel, Max is left without a sparring partner. Until the arrival of Maria Ragetti who has taken over Chuck's legendary bait store and has the unspeakable, sacrilegious notion to threaten the cherished fishing hole and its rustic way of life by converting the store into a romantic Italian ristorante. To keep that from happening, John and Max begin a strategic campaign of innuendo, gossip and sabota...

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Walter Matthau

Jack Lemmon


Sophia Loren

Burgess Meredith

Daryl Hannah

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