The Hawk is Dying

Release Date: March 30, 2007
Running Time: 106 mins.
MPAA Rating: None
Box Office: $6,106.00
Genre: Adaptation, Drama


George Gattling is a man out of place in the world and out of place in his own skin. An auto-upholsterer by trade, he lives with his divorced sister Precious, and her 20 year-old autistic son, Fred. He's also the unwitting case study of a "life-gone-wrong" for Betty, a young psychology student who works at his shop. George seeks salvation in hawks. He dreams of capturing and training the noble birds of prey. An ancient art that requires precision, falconry is the obsession he shares with Fred. In the quiet pre-dawn tracking of the birds, George Gattling feels like a man temporarily freed from the absurdity of civilized life. After several years of failed attempts, George and Fred...

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Paul Giamatti

Michael Pitt

Michelle Williams

Robert Wisdom

Ann Wedgeworth

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