Logan Reese's sawmill is the lifeblood of the isolated logging community of Deroy. When the old man's debt gets too big, and a large corporation threatens to shut down the mill, Logan knows it could mean the end for the small town--and an end to the only way of life he's ever known. That is, until Logan finds help in the least likely source: the town outcast, Frank Burris. A loner who spends most of his time hanging out among the giant redwoods, Frank's romance with the mill manager's daughter causes an uproar. But when Frank hatches a plan to lead the town back from disaster, he shows he just might have a way to save Deroy and be the answer to an old man's prayers.


Jason Robards - (Logan Reese)
Eddie Miles - (Frank Burris)
Hilary Swank
Lanny Cotler
Steve Cotler

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