Hollywood North

Release Date: January 01, 2004
Running Time: 87 mins.
Genre: Foreign, Satire


Toronto 1979: it is the heyday of the tax-shelter years and ambitious producer Bobby Meyers has acquired the rights to a Canadian literary masterpiece called "Lantern Moon." He has enlisted the washed-up, but respected, director Henry Neville to lend credibility to the project - but he needs to secure an American star. Enter Michael Baytes, a former A-list celebrity prone to paranoid delusions. Baytes will only sign on if he has creative control and Bobby, desperate, gives in. Soon, "Lantern Moon" is transformed into "Flight to Bogota" and the film spirals out of control. To add to the chaos, the making of "Flight to Bogota" is filmed by a documentary ...

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Alan Bates

Matthew Modine

Jennifer Tilly

Deborah Kara Unger

John Neville

Alan Thicke

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