How We Got the Italian Cinema Into Trouble: Franco & Ciccio's Real Story

Running Time: 90 mins.
Genre: Documentary, Foreign


Both born into postwar poverty, Franco and Ciccio formed a classic comic duo who were the kings of Italian B-comedies. Franco was short, stocky, with bulging eyeballs and manic energy. Ciccio was tall, wispy, the straight man with a seedy aristocratic air. Between 1964 and 1966 Franco and Ciccio starred in 38 movies (including "Primitive Love," which co-starred Jayne Mansfield, "War, Italian Style," which featured an over-the-hill Buster Keaton, and "Dr. Goldfoot and the Sex Bombs," directed by Mario Bava). During three decades the duo made 120 pics. We follow Franco and Ciccio from their dusty stomping grounds in the Sicilian capital to their first stage gigs, ...

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