Jackie Brown


Release Date: December 25, 1997
Running Time: 155 mins.(V)
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $39,647,595.00
Genre: Adaptation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller


Jackie supplements her meager income as a stewardess by smuggling cash into the U.S. for gunrunner Ordell Robbie--until the day an ATF agent and an L.A. cop bust her at the airport. The cops pressure her to help them bring down Ordell, threatening prison if she refuses. With a sympathetic bailbondsman, who understands her restlessness only too well, Jackie arrives at a bold almost foolhardy plan to play off these opposing forces against each other. Matters are complicated by Ordell's confederates, Louis Gara and Melanie Ralston who have agendas of their own. By appearing to cooperate with both sides, Jackie attempts to outfox them both and walk away with a half million dollar payday.

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Pam Grier

Samuel L. Jackson

Robert Forster

Bridget Fonda

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