Jesus' Son


Based on Denis Johnson's acclaimed 1992 short story collection, this is the story of a maladroit young man (nicknamed Fuckhead, or FH, due to his penchant for screwing things up) who, after becoming lovers with Michelle, a mercurial, sexy heroin addict, embarks on a fable-like odyssey through the amoral drug subculture of the 1970s, a world inhabited by hippie drifters, loafers and small-time criminals. Despite his own lack of moral definition, and the fact that he too succumbs to drugs, FH finally manages to fulfill his innate impulse to do good in the world.


Billy Crudup - (FH)
Samantha Morton - (Michelle)
Denis Leary - (Wayne)
Holly Hunter - (Mira)
Dennis Hopper - (Bill)

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