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A longtime hanger-on in the wise guy world, Johnny Amato has come up with a slick plan to roll a mob-protected card game. To complete the actual theft, Johnny turns to Frankie, a jittery young crook who is fresh out of jail and flat broke, and Russell, a gleefully seedy Australian junkie whose latest criminal enterprise involves dog theft. Presidential politics and America's financial crisis are all over the news, but it's little more than background noise to these three guys who are angling to make a quick score in a broken-down city. The conspirators feel assured of success, certain as they are that the mob's suspicions will immediately fall on the game's regular dealer, Markie Trattman. B... Full Summary >>


Brad Pitt - (Jackie)
Scoot McNairy - (Frankie)
Ben Mendelsohn - (Russell)
James Gandolfini - (Mickey)
Richard Jenkins - (Driver)

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